Nights on St. George


It’s been just about a month since I left my home for the past 18 years for the sunny coast of Southwest Florida. Still not sure if I have a great reason for moving but it is what it is. I’m looking forward to new adventures, new stories, and a change of scenery that I haven’t had for years.

I kicked off my move by spending a week in St. Augustine training for my new job (same field, different location). I was filled with a lot of apprehension for the people I was surrounded with and could quickly feel the dread of this move but a quick trip to the beach helped cast away at least some of the doubts I was having about this whole move.

Thankfully, it helps being surrounded by other creatives because I was easily able to bond with a few of my new coworkers and spent one of our last nights in St. Augustine walking the streets of their downtown area doing a mini photoshoot.

I have been working in a studio for well over a year now and it gets exhausting feeling like everything I shoot is staged and monotonous. Freelance work helps take away from that a little but I’ll have to work to build that back up here in Florida. This shoot helped me forget about the rules I was always supposed to follow shooting in studio and see color, light, and posing how I wanted it to be.

With all that being said, I can guarantee the rest of these posts won’t be so long winded but it’s nice to get things off your chest here and there.